Friday, 11 December 2009

Detailed analysis rocksound

Rock, mainly modern with some older references, mainly big bands with some smaller less well known bands getting a focus aswell.

15 - 25

Rock sound, the name tells you exactly what it’s about, for people who like rock music and especially new music as it has the Puff 'new music first'

Black, White , Blue , Yellow. These are the main colours used. Layout is the standard strap lines going down the page with a big main sell and photo of the band. The contents page also has a photo of the main sell with white and red text.

A big interview with a band, then a few shorter interviews with bands. Top albums of the year, band secrets, advice from rock stars, also a lot of gossip on side project bands and what stars have been up too.

Mode of address:
It’s very chatty as it is mainly interviews.

The photos really focus on bands, or solo artists. They are photographed either outside in forests, by lakes, in the streets. Or in doors on sofas, in recording studios, warehouses etc. Either as serious bands that are really dedicated to their music, or as fun loving bands that just want to have a good time.

Patrick napier

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