Thursday, 17 December 2009

music magazines - Institution

What does a magazine publisher do?

A publisher is a company or person that publishes products such as books, journals, or software.

How is the Publishing industry organised?

The publishing industry, although there are a large amount of publications, there are only a small amount of people that own them. For instance Rupert Murdoch owns the sun, times, sky, and fox etc. They are organised into owners, or corporations that own them. This means they can represent a scenario in the way they want to, having an effect on the readers. This can be shown demonstraited when looking at the iraq war. Certain news papers showed it as a good thing. But the majority decided it was a bad idea and public opinion went with that. They are also horizontally integrated so can advertise other products using there media influence.

How is this evidenced by the ownership/publication of the New Musical Express magazine?

IPC is a huge organisation that owns many other magazines and is one of the largest publishing companies in England. It is also owned by another group called Time Inc., the publishing division of Time Warner Inc. So not only dose it own many magazines it is owned by even bigger companies.

What are your initial thoughts about the fact that NME is published by ipc media?

My initial thoughts are that nearly all magazines are owned by a bigger company so it’s just like all the other magazines, and that it has earned it’s reputation and always been part of this company so it shouldn’t change now. It dose mean that, the key functions are to advertise its sponsors, whether this be through adverts or by showing images of the target audience wearing a brand etc.


  1. Well done. Next, add your thoughts about this:

    What kind of publisher might be appropriate for your magazine, and what difference (if any) this will make to the style and content. A low budget, alternative magazine with a small niche audience could be independently published, whereas a high budget glossy magazine will need a big publisher behind it, and will need to attract more readers in order to cover costs.

  2. Sorry, should also have said: your brief definition of what a publisher does isn't accurate - have another look