Thursday, 26 November 2009

detailed genre research

Guitar magazine for guitarists

Guitarist aged 18 – 50

Guitarist. Very straight no non sense, can’t mistake what it is about and who it is for.

White, red, orange. More traditional then other gu itar magazines for an older audience with the younger readers as a minority.

Guitar reviews, Equipment reviews, playing advice, and how to sound like your favourite guitarists. Also interviews with guitarists, about them selves there playing, gear and how they created their styles. They articles would appeal to the audience as they are interested in the artists and want to pick up tips/ advice on guitar playing.

Mode of address:
Colloquial, casual. The language is non formal bring a relaxed tone to the magazine. The readers would find this easier to relate to, and it is appropriate as the subject has no need to be formal.

Guitars, effects, guitarists, amps and general equipment and gadgets for guitar. Some of the photos haven’t been taken by guitarist magazine, for instance on the cover there is a picture of jimi Hendrix, he was not alive when guitarist was first published. So they have taken it from another source. But most these pictures have been taken in a studio or controlled conditions. The people are being represented as powerful, in control, and have a certain class about them.

Who published the magazine you analysed yesterday?

Future publishing limited.

Are they part of a horizontally integrated media conglomerate?

They have various websites, and hold 27 annual events but they are a huge company producing magazine for the U.K., U.S. and Australia., but they are a huge company producing magazine for the U.K., U.S. and Australia.

What do you consider to be the implications of this business structure for your magazine?

It means that there is a lack of choice within the magazine market, and that the opinion of the owners are shown through out all the magazines.

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