Friday, 27 November 2009

Play Music Pickup Detailed analysis

Musical, mainly rock/ indie, huge focus on guitars but other influences get reviewed and mentioned.

15 - 30

Play music Pickup. As it is a free magazine it encourages the target audience to do exactly what it says and to pick it up. Also the Play music can grab their attention as that is hat the readers of this magazine are about, they will be developing musicians.

Blue, Black and white are the main colours used. The layout Has a photo of the main sell taking up the entire cover, with some of the items being reviewed in the magazine at their feet. The layout attracts a younger audience, largely because they interview new bands, and the layout is aimed at a younger audience.

Reviews, Competitions, Help pages, interviews with bands or/ and guitarists. Advice like how to be endorsed or get the most out of guitar effects or amplifiers. This magazine is full of advice on how to progress as a guitarist and how to go a bit future with your equipment and this appeals to the audience age I have suggested, as they are less experienced.

Mode of address:
Laid back and uses slag casually. For the readers it is how they would talk and address their own friends.

The magazine is full of pictures of Guitars, Amplifiers, effects, Bands, Equipment and also a lot of people that are of target audience age with their views on certain products.

Nick Bryant

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  1. Sound research here - you need to look at at least one more magazine in your chosen genre next. Remember, you should look at the contents page and some articles as well as the cover. You could focus a bit more on how all these features appeal to the audience.