Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Questions for the evaluation

Questions for the evaluation

1. My magazine front cover uses a Mid Close up picture on the front of its cover which resembles many magazine covers on the market; we also use the same style of strap lines as used in magazines such as Elle, with the layout of colour and size of font. In regards to challenging the conventional concepts of real media products, I don’t think I did anything too controversial as I tried to keep it similar to other magazines without copying them as possible.

4. The magazine would appeal to females ranging from 18 - 25 as a target audience.

5. I attracted the audience by advertising real issues in today’s society, issues that people want to read about and care about, fashion advice, relationship tips. This attracts a large audience and has proved commercially successful already. We address them with friendly informal language to give a more relaxed feel to the magazine.

6. I have learnt how to use industry standard Photoshop and Quark express effectively, How to use a Digital SLR camera and to use it effectively. How to lay out a magazine front cover and contents page and the termkinology used when discussing the parts that construct the magazine.

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