Friday, 13 November 2009

music magazine: initial research

Mix Mag is a dance/club music magazine, aimed at 18 - 25 year old men and women predominantly in the working class social group.

The Psychographics to define the readers of mix mag would be hedonistic as the dance/club scene is generally seen as promoting the kind of values hedonism entails.

The cover of this magazine has a few things that make it stand out, the colour of type, as this makes it catch your eye being bright and bold, with a sans serif font for mix mag then serif font for the main sell below. Also having a photo of Calvin Harris on the front to advertise the fact that there is an article on him in the magazine, people who don't normally buy the magazine may, as they like him and his music.

Future music is a music tech magazine aimed at 20 - 40 year old men, of middle class status, as this magazine is full of expensive equipment.

The psychographics to define the readers of Future Music would be technical, clever possibly even geeky. As some of the content of the magazine is very complicated and you would have to have a real understanding of technology to understand how the products in the magazine work.

The cover of this magazine appeals to its audience because it's smart, has a good choice of coloured font and its layout shows the reviews in a very clear way .

Kerrang is a rock music magazine aimed at 13 - 20 years mainly male, but some girls would read it, if they like they are fans of musicians or bands in the magazine as well.

The psychographics of the readers of Kerrang would be, rebellious as that's what the music this magazine is promoting is all about and incites rebellion. But also hedonism as it's a selfish do what you want when you want styled magazine as well that is encouraging this type of lifestyle.

The main sell of the magazine is clearly stated with a picture of Biffy Clyro, talking with Kerrang about their new album. This is shown with a masthead and cover photo of the band. Also the other articles reviews and band interviews are listed or have small pictures and straplines advertising them in clear colours. This is appealing to their audience.

Guitarist magazine, is exactly what it says it is, a magazine for guitarists. The demographic for the magazine is 18 - 40 year old men of middle class. This magazine is a lot harder to specify compared to some of the others as it appeals to a lot of guitarists of many ages, as it teaches you the guitar parts of songs from many eras, this one in particular has a song with Jeff Beck (a famous 60s and 70s guitarist)playing guitar in but then along side that a much more recent song buy Jack White.

It's Psychographic is technological and specialised.
The cover is striking with the use of colour, the way the 3 guitarists on the cover are laid out is as if they are jumping out at you, but also as if Jimi Hendrix ( in the middle) is looking at you. This grasps you and your attention and FUZZ in bold bold letters makes it stand out that this issue is really focusing on it. So the main sell is very clear.

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  1. Josh, theis is good, you've got the idea - now tyou can focus on detailed discussion of your chosen genre.