Monday, 12 April 2010

Question 1 Evaluation

My media product uses existing conventions in terms of its layout for instance my front cover denotes a close up photo of the main sell which is Fender verses Gibson so shows an image of there two guitars.

This is a conventional practice as on all magazine covers the Main sell will be the background of the cover. But many magazines in the genre are aimed at adults with little focusing on adolescents. For instance the Guitarist magazined shown here it uses neutral colours that do not appeal much to youth and could connote such things as blandness, dullness and just a bit boring for a teenager and it isn't grabbing their attention.
Although there are parts of their magazines aimed at beginners that does not essentially mean teenagers. I have aimed my magazine at teenagers as although it is similar to other magazines it challenges the traditional conventions by changing who it is aimed at slightly. For instance Guitarist uses Serif fonts which are mainly used for older and more sophisticated audiences, where as I have used sans serif because I am aiming mine at a younger audience.This makes it stand out as different, as my cover connotes rebellion, power and chaos.
The text in the Guitarist magazine cover is in order and all to one side, where as my cover is spread out and chaotic this also connotes youth like characteristics as they tend not to be organised, and like a lot going on, so this is something they can relate to.

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  1. Hi Josh, you will need to be much more detailed than this.
    When you write answers to each question in the evaluation, you need to:
    -use images, embeds, powerpoints, video and links where they might be useful.
    -do some detailed analysis using 'media studies' language.

    For instance, Q1 could be illustrated with pictures from your mag compared with some real mags, and you could discuss the similarities and differences in use of images, layout, content, language ...