Monday, 12 April 2010

Question 2 Evaluation

How does you media product represent particular social groups ?

My magazine dominantly represents males and females are absent from it, not because females don't play guitar but because men are the stereotypical group when representing a magazine such as mine, they are the dominant representation which I chose to stick with instead of portraying emergent or an alternative representation. This photo demonstrates the dominant representation of my magazine.

Its also aimed at teenage to early twenties age bracket, in terms of socio-economic class the magazine is aimed at the lower middle class as the magazine looks at expensive equipment. Another group this magazine is aimed at is 'computer geek/technical types' not because of the style of the magazine but because of the content as there are articles on effects used etc.

In terms of communicating the magazines values to the reader, the language used is very important as it is casual and 'everyday', very informal. Also the use of photos, for instance the main photo on the contents page shows a guitar neck focusing on the plactrum. However the stings are vibrating but also slightly blurred, so the photos are stylish but at the same time have some edge to them.

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