Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Question 4 and 5 Evaluation

Who would be the audience for my media product and how did I attract / address my audience ?

Teenage to early twenty males, from a better off working class or lower middle class background would be the perfect demographic profile of a buyer of this magazine. Also in terms of a psychographic profile would be an attitude of rebellion, where they just want to do their own thing, with interests in guitar and rock music. With a 'rock and roll', hedonistic life style, this means they would not be to bothered with their work or other responsibilities, but only the things they enjoy and want to do. A perfect example shown in the photo.

I asked my friends what they thought of my magazine cover asking this question.
What did you think to the presentation of my magazine including fonts and colours ?

I like the font, could be a little more bold though. The colour is good but would prefer a more vintage style to go with the theme of retro looking guitar

This is good criticism as it brings up issues as to whether I have laid my cover out in the right way, and if I should have chose a slightly different font.

i think the fonts and colours are very eye catching for the young audience, they stand out well. because my attention is caught i want to read on because it is easily lay out.

i thought that it was good. i Also thought that it suited your target audience well.

the fonts were good and worked well together creating a young look to the magazine and i liked the colours as i thought they worked well together.

But the fact that sam thought the fonts look good show there is a difference of opinion within my target audience.

The feedback i received from my magazines audience suggests that i did my audience research well and that the fonts and colours used were the right ones for my magazine as all the people I asked either like rock music or play guitar and so would be interested in buying this magazine. They reacted positively to the magazine and some said it is lacking in the market and should be done for real.

I followed a number of conventions which guitar magazines similar to mine all use. For instance having a range of the different articles on the cover, on my covers beneath strap lines i have photos of what the article is on for instance a guitar pedal and a photograph of a person that will be in an interview.

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