Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Question 7

Looking back at my preliminary task, what do I feel I have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

I think I learnt a lot about using the SLR camera and if i hadn't had the experience of using it for the preliminary my photos in the finished piece would be nothing like they are.
I also learnt that organising my time was very important as if I left things then I would have to rush them to meet dead lines and they were not as good as I could have done them so I tried to make sure I kept on target and did not have to rush pieces of my magazine.
Preparation and planning also need to be done thoroughly, I learnt this in the preliminary as if it's not done properly you get a bit stuck, so then made sure for my final piece it was done sufficiently.
I felt confident with Photoshop in the preliminary but found Quark express much more complicated and harder to use. Although by the end of the final piece I had become much more confident with using the tools within the software.
The biggest thing I have learnt from this project is not to rush in with all your ideas thinking that it will tern out amazing if you just 'throw them all together' but to take the time to plan it out and find the best way to put all those ideas together to form the best presentation you can achieve.

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